Steel Long Shackle Loto Padlock(201L series)

Item No.: 201L

Unit: Piece

Material: Imported Dupont Nylon + Steel

Dimension: 42×45×20.5mm

Shackle Diameter: 6.3mm

Shackle Height: 76mm

Color: Red/Orange/ Yellow/Green/Blue/Black/White/Purple




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1.Durable,lightweight and insulated Xenoy® material lock body,diameter shackle is 6.3mm.

2. 76mm Steel shackle height available,double Chrome plating.Resistance of Chemical, Extreme Temperatures and Uv Rays.

3. Standard:1 key for 1 padlock

4.KD/KA/MK or KAMK available.

5.Can be laser engrave both on the padlocks and the keys.

6.Strongly Key retaining feature




1. 1 piece safety padlock with 1 piece key.

2. 1 piece safety padlock in a mini box.

3. 50 pieces safety padlocks in a bigger box.