Steel Shackle Loto Safety Lockout Padlocks (201series)

Item Number: 201



Material:Stainless Steel


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Product Description


1. The safety locks are made of Imported Dupont Nylon,standard and robust,meet the OSHA1910.147 regulations.

2. 1-1/2”(3.8cm) wide 1-3/4”(4.5cm)tall thermoplastic body, 38mm shackle clearance.

3. Compliance with OSHA “one employee, one lock, one key” directive.

4. Specially design of the double slot key to meet the requirements of multi-level management,KD/KA/MK or KAMK available.

5. 8 colors can be selected.

6. Key retaining feature:the key can be removed only if the padlock locked.

Unique Key Management System

1. Keyed Different

2. Keyed Alike

3. Master Keyed

4. Key Alike,Master Keyed



1. 1 piece safety padlocks with 1 piece key.

2. 1 piece safety padlocks in a mini box.

3. 10 pieces safety padlocks in a bigger box.

4. 25 boxes in a carton (57*25*27cm)


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